Prior to coming in for your child’s first visit you will be asked to complete some forms which will provide the Kids Therapy Made Simple team with a comprehensive history regarding your child’s development. These forms afford your therapist with important information that will inform your child’s treatment plan. In addition, there are forms explaining Kids Therapy Made Simple’s Financial & Office policies as well as the Privacy Practices that we maintain regarding your child’s personal health information. Upon completion, we request that these forms either be emailed or faxed in to Kids Therapy Made Simple at least 2 days before to your child’s appointment so that your therapist has time to review them prior to your child’s evaluation.

Click here to download your intake forms.

Your first visit

Your first visit will be approximately 1-1 ½ hours long and will include the following:

  • Observation of your child engaging in play activities including grossmotor (crawling,walking, climbing, running), fine motor/table top (manipulation, drawing, grasping), socialization (do they play independently, will they play with others), language, cognition.
  • Discussion with you regarding the primary concerns that have brought you to
    Kids Therapy Made Simple.
  • Information regarding your child’s likes and dislikes as well as any information
    that you can provide that would be helpful in treating your child.
  • Discussion of treatment goals.
  • Participation in or discussion of the possible need to participate in
    standardized developmental assessments.


Following your initial visit, treatment sessions will last for a total of either 30 minutes or 50 minutes (a therapeutic hour), depending on the type of therapy your child is participating in. As Kids Therapy Made Simple believes in supporting the family as we address each individual child’s needs, we feel that parent education is an extremely important component of therapy sessions. Therefore, 1:1 direct therapy typically ends 5-10 minutes before the scheduled appointment end time to allow for parent education and a recap of what occurred during the session.

Families are expected to arrive on time for each session. Treatments will vary depending on your child’s needs and goals. As goals are met, your child’s treatment plan will be re-examined and if appropriate, discharge will be recommended. Our happiest day here is when your child has reached their goals and treatment at Kids Therapy Made Simple is no longer necessary.