I’m going to start today by letting you inside my mind a bit…I can be somewhat rigid when it comes to my creature comforts and what I like. If what I like is presented to me in an unfamiliar way, it doesn’t always please me to let go and move on.  For example, I grew up eating Best Foods Mayonnaise.  However, east of the Colorado Rocky Mountains Best Foods is known as Hellman’s.  Same exact product.  Same exact label…just a different name. I went to college in St. Louis, MO and had to deal with this exact problem.  It’s part of my anxiety that can sometimes creep up at random times. Yes I got over it…eventually… however I am still a creature of habit, I like what I like and when I can experience what I like, my anxiety decreases.

So what does this have to do with Crayola you ask?  Well, I prefer Crayola crayons.  Any shape, any size, I just like Crayola.  I think this goes back to when I was a child and the excitement that I would feel whenever I was presented with a 64 crayon pack.  My sister and I would immediately dump out all of the crayons and put them back in rainbow order. We would sit together and decide which crayon went where and we felt so accomplished and satisfied when we completed our task.

Honestly it’s a habit that I still continue today. Whenever I receive a new package of crayons or markers, the first thing I do is place them in rainbow order. I did it when I presented my nieces with Crayola crayons 10 years ago. A little rigid?  Yes.  Would some look at this behavior and think I’m a little obsessive compulsive?  Perhaps.

The important thing is that I can just let it go and allow the colors to be placed in a random order.  I don’t obsess over the fact that the crayons or markers are not in perfect rainbow order all the time. I don’t continue to feel the anxiety associated with not having things exactly the way that I want them. I can leave a room or leave an activity without placing them in my preferred arrangement.

Who knew that placing Crayola crayons in rainbow order would decrease my anxiety?  It may sound strange, but it’s a way that I deal with anxiety on a daily basis.