I would recommend PACE to anyone and everyone!  My 7 year old daughter has some significant learning disabilities in both reading and math.  But after just 8 weeks in PACE, she is back up to grade level in both.  The skills that she is learning – phonological decoding, simple math (in her head) and organizing (via the metronome) – have increased her working memory and have let her learn better in class.  It’s crazy to think that clapping to a metronome translates into better writing organization, but it ABSOLUTELY does!  This program has been amazing!  I can’t wait until summer when my little one (who has no learning disabilities) can start going through the program just because.  I would recommend this to any parent who wants their child to succeed.
– mom of 2nd grader

My son came to Dr. Lisa for help with processing speed and his difficulties with reading.  He was hesitant at first since this was going to be such a commitment during his summer break.  Dr. Lisa was able to work with our schedule and make my son feel comfortable.  It soon became very routine and I might even say he looked forward to it.  My son made big improvements in the areas of the program where he first struggled.  I feel that at the end, his reading had improved and so did his confidence.
– Alisa, mother of an 8 year old