Our Services

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We are currently providing pediatric clinic-based or in-school assessments and clinic-based therapy with focus on the following areas:

Comprehensive Development Assessment Handwriting Skills
Autism Spectrum Disorders Delayed Social Skills
Early Intervention Behavioral Feeding Issues
Attention Deficient / Hyperactive Disorders Intellectual Disabilities / Mental Retardation
Fine Motor Delays Downs Syndrome
Gross Motor Delays Cerebral Palsy
Sensory Processing Disorders Complications due to Premature Birth
Communication Disorders Individual Psychotherapy
Comprehensive Speech & Language Assessment Family Psychotherapy
Pediatric IQ & Cognitive Testing Psychological Assessment

Individual Sessions:

  • Early Childhood Developmental Evaluation and Assessment
    (ages 0 months – 5 years)
  • Early Intervention Occupational Therapy
    (ages 0 months – 3 years)
  • Early Intervention Speech and Language Therapy
    (ages 12 months – 3 years)
  • Early Intervention Physical Therapy
    (ages 0 months – 3 years)
  • Young Child Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy & Physical Therapy
    (ages 3 years – 5 years)
  • Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy & Physical Therapy
    (ages 5+ years)
  • Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
  • Individual Child Behavioral Psychotherapy
  • Individual Play Psychotherapy
  • Individual Parent/Caregiver Psychotherapy

Group Sessions:

1. Social Skills Development Group
Focus is on encouraging growth in social, emotional and motor development as well as encouraging a move from parallel play to interactive, pretend play through participation in fun, group activities.  This group is for children only.  A minimum of 3 children are required to run this group.  Please contact us if you are interested.

2. Adult Group Sessions: Group Parent/Caregiver Psychotherapy
A place for caregivers to come and work through their daily stresses and emotions with grownups that are going through similar experiences.   A minimum of 3 adults are required to run this group.  Please contact us if you are interested.

PACE (Processing And Cognitive Enhancement):

Is your child having trouble in school?  Does he/she experience difficulty listening, following directions or doing homework?  Students like your child may have been called lazy, unmotivated or at risk.  However the problem may not be motivation, but rather he/she may lack sufficient processing skills.

PACE will uncover the processing skills that are not sufficient for proper learning and will train and strengthen them so that they are properly developed.  It is a program designed to train the entire learning system to function properly.

Learn more about PACE, here.