Mission and Philosophy

white rectangleOur Mission

Kids Therapy Made Simple was created by Dr. Lisa to provide comprehensive therapeutic services with the goal of helping kids with life and supporting families through the process.

We offer individual and group occupational therapy, speech and language therapy,  and psychotherapy to facilitate successful social, emotional, physical, behavioral and cognitive development of young children and their families.

Our Philosophy

Kids Therapy Made Simple believes that each child is unique. We believe that by encouraging play we can encourage development. And by encouraging communication we can help families thrive. We help kids with life.

Intervention services are tailored to your child’s needs as well as your concerns. Group programs approach your child’s development from a broader spectrum, focusing on incorporating the important aspects of socialization with physical and emotional development.

Kids Therapy Made Simple works hard to encourage developmentally appropriate skill acquisition through fun, playful activities. The goal is for your child to grow while having fun and for your family to be supported throughout the process.